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The hottest trends in whiskey? Owning your own barrel

Consumers’ thirst for whiskey has spiked to historic highs. The global trends in whiskey continue to fuel unprecedented growth and the market is expected to increase by $28.67 billion between 2020 and 2025, according to a recent report by Technavio. And according to Forbes, the number of whiskey cases sold has increased every year since 2010. 

The trends in whiskey have been fueled, in part, by the changing consumer behavior during the pandemic, which gave people time to play with and explore everything the category has to offer. Relaxed alcohol sales restrictions also allowed for products to be shipped directly to the customer’s door.

Another key facet of whiskey’s growth in recents years is the willingness and desire to pay for a finer selection of spirits. That enthusiasm for fine details has never been higher. “People get more excited about whiskey; there’s more to the story” than with other types of spirits, said Lew Bryson, a whiskey authority and author of several books on the topic including “Whiskey Master Class.” There’s more authentic variety and nuance with whiskey than with other spirits like rum, gin, tequila, or vodka. Plus, there are so many variations all in one category. 

Which means we’re past the stage where only educated consumers and tastemakers were into whiskey. Whiskey – and bourbon in particular – has gone mainstream. Whiskey enthusiasts have told their friends and the popularity of the spirit is spreading. 

The hottest trend in whiskey is owning your own barrel

Perhaps one of the hottest trends in whiskey right now is an interest in bourbon barrel picks and owning a whisky cask. Owning your own barrel of whiskey is a memorable experience and at Barrel Global, our mission is to help collectors experience whiskey in an entirely new way by purchasing full barrels from distilleries across the world. Whiskey enthusiasts who seek our their own barrel buy one for these three reasons:

  • To fulfill your dream of owning your own barrel or cask: Owning full barrels is truly the pinnacle of whiskey, giving you the opportunity to buy when it’s a newly distilled spirit and hold on to that barrel until it becomes a highly prized expression. Whiskey only matures while it’s contained inside the barrel. When you purchase your barrel, that’s the least valuable it will ever be. Whiskey has to mature before it tastes like actual whiskey. As the whiskey ages and matures, it increases in value. Buying a barrel offers the opportunity to take part in that process like never before.   
  • To build your own whiskey brand: The increased consumer demand for subtle, flavored, and superior whiskey is expected to keep growing. Another reason why you would want to buy a barrel is bottling rights. Barrel Global allows individuals to purchase future bottling rights for a barrel of whiskey at pre maturation price, which is a fun experience for whiskey enthusiasts. When it comes time to bottle, we can help facilitate the design, packaging, and legally compliant shipping of the bottles. 
  • To commemorate an occasion or give as a gift: The drive for social recognition and high status has successfully modernized whiskey, making it a preferred drink for occasions and events. When you reserve your own whiskey barrel, it’s an opportunity to get hands on with the whiskey industry and commemorate a milestone or an event like buying a barrel when your child is born or to give as a wedding gift. 

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Interest in whiskey has grown steadily over the years. For one because whiskey is a premium product and those who imbibe are seen as consumers with taste and sophistication. That increase in demand pushes prices higher and the value of collectibles skyrockets. The older a whiskey gets, the more expensive it becomes because the taste improves with age. Which is why a rare bottle or an exclusive barrel of whiskey becomes a highly sought after prize. So, will barrels overtake bottles in terms of desirability? It remains to be seen but one thing is for sure, the interest is here to stay. 

If you want in on the latest trends in whiskey of purchasing your own barrel, the first step to our process is to request access. From there, you’ll wait for your application to be approved before you can reserve a barrel. After receiving payment, you’ll receive an ownership certificate that provides legal documentation outlining your full barrel rights. You have the opportunity to visit your barrel for sampling but in order to comply with legal requirements, full barrels cannot be transported outside of an approved warehouse until they are bottled. If you don’t want to have your whiskey bottled, you can trade it for others you prefer or sell your collection for cash on the Barrel Global marketplace.

We’re on a mission to make whiskey barrel ownership accessible to collectors worldwide. As the first ever global marketplace for whiskey barrels, you can connect with distilleries and collectors around the world to build your own portfolio. For a whiskey experience unlike any other, request access today. 

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