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Spotlight on... Dueling Grounds Distillery

Barrel Global works with exceptional distilleries to bring you the opportunity to purchase your own whiskey cask. Whether it’s just one for a celebration or to create a personal exclusive portfolio, our team can help you curate your collection.

In a new series of articles, we take a closer look at the distilleries we work with, from their location to acknowledging the awards they have received for their products.

In our third offering of this series, we bring you ‘Dueling Grounds Distillery.’

“In the 1820’s, somewhere along a patch of grass at Linkumpinch Farm near present-day Franklin, Kentucky, matters of honor were settled with the firing of pistols. A man’s reputation was restored when a musket ball found its target. And the area surrounding Sandford Duncan’s Farm soon came to be known as the Dueling Grounds. These days, Franklin is home to far more agreeable activities. Like the crafting of premium, small batch Bourbon.”

Source: About | duelinggrounds (

Site and location:

Our third distillery is the first stop northbound on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour. Based in Kentucky, Dueling Grounds Distillery is southeast of Franklin. The distillery offers tours and tastings, where you can learn about the spirits produced and the history of Dueling Grounds. A visitor bonus is that both the founder and distillers give the tours themselves. The distillery also has a regular events program, including cocktail making and a pizza kitchen open Friday through Sunday; what could be better than pizza and bourbon?

The Range:

As well as producing Bourbon, the distillery also excels in other spirits, including American Dry Gin, a Barrel Aged Dry Gin, Kentucky Clear (this is unaged bourbon, aka “White Lightning”), and a variety of fruit liqueurs. So, even if bourbon isn't your primary interest, you will likely find something to suit your palate.

But we are all about the bourbon. Dueling Grounds' latest product to be found in stores is “Linkumpinch 4yr olds." Linkumpinch is named for the farm where legendary duels took place. This 4-year-old bourbon uses regional grains and comes in two varieties: Single Barrel Cask Strength and Bottled in Bond.

The Tech-y bit:


Dueling Grounds makes approximately 200 barrels (53 gallons). The barrels are sourced from Kelvin Cooperage, Louisville. Interesting fact: this company originated from Glasgow and relocated to Louisville in 1991.

Dueling Grounds uses a #3 char* barrel for its bourbon maturation.

* #3 char means the barrel has been charred for 35 seconds. For more information on barrel charring, click on this link:

Whisky Barrel Char Level | Whiskipedia


The mashbill is the grain recipe used to make the bourbon. Duelling Grounds, as with every other step of their process, uses local products:

66% yellow dent corn #1

22% soft red winter wheat

12% malted 2-row barley

All the grain is non-GMO and grown at Walnut Grove Farms, Adairville, Kentucky, with the barley being malted at Southfork Malt House Cynthannia, Kentucky.


Depending on their schedule, the distillery ferments for 3 to 5 days using a sweet mash and Yeast 927 from Ferm Solutions in Danville, Kentucky. This distiller’s yeast is used specifically for Bourbon, wheat, and rye whiskies.

Still type:

With a 250-gallon pot still, Duelling Grounds makes 4 barrels a week.


The bourbon storage is off-site at Wilderness Trail Distillery, Danville, Kentucky.

An award-winning distillery:

The distillery started to receive awards and mentions in 2022.

Linkumpinch Bottled in Bond Bourbon was selected for Fred Minnik's top 100 American Whiskeys for 2022.

ADI American Distilling Institute

2022 International Spirits Competition Awards

Bronze Medal - Linkumpinch Bottled in Bond Bourbon

Silver Medal - Linkumpinch Single Barrel Cask Strength

Barrel Global is delighted to be working with a distillery that places great emphasis on provenance, supporting local businesses in the making of its bourbon. Dueling Grounds will be starting its second contract with us shortly, so if this distillery appeals to you, do contact our team to talk about securing a cask of your own.

We are on a mission to make whiskey barrel ownership accessible to collectors worldwide. As the first-ever global marketplace for whiskey barrels, you can connect with distilleries and collectors worldwide to build your own portfolio. For a whiskey experience unlike any other, request access today.

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