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Revelton 2023

Writing The Next Chapter In Bourbon History

Bourbon barrels are among the most prized and highly desired collectibles in the world today. Barrel Global has managed to secure a limited allocation of barrels from Revelton Distillery to offer to select clients prior to distillation. With a world class production facility, passionate distilling team and unprecedented interest in this distillery across the industry, the remaining production capacity is expected to sell out quickly.

Don’t miss your opportunity to reserve a barrel now.

Revelton Distillery 2023 Bourbon Barrels

  • 30 barrels available for this release (Only a few left!)
  • Distilled March 2023
  • Barrels will be stored in secure warehouse in Iowa
  • 60.50% barrel strength
  • Current yield approximately 260 bottles at 60.50% barrel strength or 400 bottles at 40%. (75cl)
  • Current cost per bottle is $8.27 at 60% ABV or $5.38 at 40% ABV (75cl)
Barrel price:

$2 300.00
Sold out Label

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