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Kentucky Bourbon
Retreat 2024

Kentucky Bourbon Retreat

Here at Barrel Global we fully believe in giving our clients across the globe the very best and most unique experiences in the world of whiskey. To that end, in partnership with one of our most respected distillery partners, we have created a brand new adventure for you - The Bourbon Retreat.

The Bourbon Retreat is aimed at groups, businesses, corporations, teams, and families and focuses fully on team building, connecting, and more so - giving everyone an experience in bourbon-making they will never forget. This is a fully customizable experience and includes full barrels that will be owned by you.

Put simply, the Bourbon Retreat invites groups to visit the ever popular Casey Jones Distillery in Kentucky, where you will distill your very own batch of bourbon barrels, with a fully unique and customizable mashbill! What’s your favourite bourbon - Pappy Van Winkle? Blanton’s? Buffalo Trace? Weller? Well - that’s the very mashbill we will use for your barrels.

Why is this offering so unique? Well sadly, to date, creating and distilling a bespoke batch of bourbon barrels usually requires a very large minimum order, usually of 100 or more barrels.

This immediately removes smaller groups who simply don’t have the need for such a large number of barrels. Luckily, due to our strong relationships with our distillery partners we’ve managed to bring that number way down.

The MOQ for the Bourbon Retreat is only 10 barrels! This will allow corporations, hotels, bars, friends, and many other types of organizations and groups to come and distill their very own barrels, without needing to adhere to huge minimum orders. In the future, these barrels can be used in numerous different ways.

These can later be bought back for company profit, bottled with bespoke labels, and used as corporate gifts to clients and suppliers. They can even be sold through your own avenues and thus mark the beginning or your company’s very own bourbon whiskey brand!

Casey Jones Bottles

About The Distillery

The Casey Jones distillery, founded by AJ, is known far and wide for its fantastic distillery and remarkable liquid.

Surrounding the distillery are 74 acres of gorgeous land and rolling hills, paired with the amazing tasting room offering over 20 products and the guesthouse; it's easy to see why the distillery is such a prominent tour location for visitors to Kentucky.


The distillery is located in Hopkinsville Kentucky a quick 1.5 hours from the Nashville Airport.

Yes, you will arrange your own transportation from the airport to the distillery

 It will be 3 days full of bourbon fun!

We can plan this for any weekday or weekend.

On day two we will be hands-on and busy for about 6 -8
hours. The remaining time can be spent with your team, doing extra activities or simply
enjoying some bourbons by the lake for example.

Everything is “proud” Kentucky which means all grains are
sourced locally from Hopkinsville Grain company and WF Ware, a 7th generation KY farm known for its high quality!

We require at least 6 weeks in advance so
that we can prepare your accommodations but most importantly prepare your grains and process that will produce your favorite bourbon.

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