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Neeley Family Distillery 2018 / 2019

Neeley Family Distillery

In addition to our Neeley New Fill offering, Barrel Global is overjoyed to be able to offer two additional ages of barrel filled in 2018 and 2019. With so many awards pouring in for the distillery, and with the amazing history and stories surrounding the Neeley family, we are overjoyed to kick-start this partnership and bring the teams barrels and bourbon to our clients across the globe. Adding to this offering, the distillery has not sold barrels to investment companies, making their barrels even rarer and harder to find.

Neeley Family Distillery 2018 / 2019 Kentucky Bourbon Barrels

  • 5 Bourbon barrels of each year available for this release. Mashbill on request.
  • Barrels will be stored in a secure warehouse in Kentucky.
  • 55% ABV in the barrel
  • Current yield approximately 215 bottles(750ml) at 55% ABV barrel strength or 270 bottles (750ml) at 40% ABV. 
  • Current cost per bottle is $12.09 at 55% ABV or $9.63 at 40% ABV (750ml)
Barrel price:

$6 000.00 – $7 000.00
Sold out Label

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