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Dueling Grounds Distillery New Fills

Dueling Grounds Distillery

Barrel Global is overjoyed to be offering barrels from Kentucky’s Dueling Grounds distillery, one of smallest craft distilleries in the area, fully dedicated to quality. These barrels will be newly filled and in years to come will be amongst the best bourbons out there. With no goal to mass produce or use column stills, you can rest assured the Dueling Grounds Distillery will only grow and always be synonymous with quality. These new fill Kentucky bourbon barrels are expected to sell quickly, so don’t miss your chance to reserve one today. 

Dueling Grounds Distillery New Fill Kentucky Bourbon Barrels

  • Only 10x barrels available for this release.
  • Barrels will be stored in a secure warehouse in Kentucky.
  • 60% barrel strength
  • Current yield approximately 205 bottles at 60% barrel strength or 320 bottles at 40% (750ml)
  • Current cost per bottle is $26.50 at 60% ABV or $17.03 at 40% ABV (750ml)
Barrel price:

$2 500.00

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